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Kite Train - 70 Kites

Enjoy the Wind
 −Diamond Kite Train−  Ages:5-up
  • When you fly a train of small kites, you will see a different world in the sky.
  • In the train kites, the diamond shaped kites are most popular.
  • To make the kites fly better, our original parts are used.
String included.

Check the contents:
Polyethylene sheet 70pcs.
Spar connector 70pcs.
Center Spar(1.8×290L) 140pcs.
Cross Spar(2.4×158L) 140pcs.
Hole seal 70pcs.
Tail 73pcs.
Rubber band 140pcs.
Thread(optional) 1roll
Tag 1pc.

red Scotch tape to be prepared by yourself.
Put the reinforced hole.
Stick a hole seal.
Stick a seal on the sheet back to meet the hole position.
Attach the center spars.
Attach the center spars.
Using scotch tape, attach the two center spars.

Put the spar connector. Shift the connector. Insert the cross spar.
Put a connector.
Put a connector underneath the spars.
Shift the connector.
Shift the connector downward between the hole and the taped.
Insert a cross spar.
Insert the end of the spar into the connector and tape the other end while stretching the sheet.

Insert another cross spar. Mark the thread. Thread.
Insert another cross spar.
Take the same way.
Mark the string.
Mark the string at the intervals of 1m.
Take off wire from tag. Using the wire,pass the string through kites and move each kite to one of the marked intervals.

Use the rubber band as stopper. Tie it. Attach a tail.
Use a rubber band as stopper.
Double the string at the marked point.
Tie it.
As illustrated, tie it with a rubber band.
Attach a tail.
Attach a tail to the sail front with scotch tape.

At the final stage,
1. Attach 2pcs of tails per kite to the top 3 kites of the train.
This increases the stability of the train at the top.
2. Prepare a storage box.
The box will not only be for storage,but neatly arranged kites in the box will launch easier.

Flying train kite.
Prepare an anchor for the train before you launch.
Simply feed out the top kite from the storage box.
In heavy winds be careful so that the kites do not feed out of the box so fast that they are damaged.
When you choose a flying site,consider that train kite takes up a lot of air space.
Plenty of field downwind is preferable in case of an unexpected drop in the wind and the train comes down.

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